Seanin Hann (Success Story)

Marketing Services Assistant – Internship

My Internship as Marketing Services Assistant with LWS has flown by. No two days are the same – each day brings a variety of tasks and projects to work on and new learning experiences.

Before coming to LWS, I completed an internship with a charity based in Windsor, which involved email marketing, social media and preparing copy. After finishing this I was looking for a position that would give me a chance to further develop those skills and gain new ones while working in a commercial environment. I knew the LWS Internship would be a fantastic opportunity.

One of LWS’ greatest assets is the wealth of knowledge in the team and their willingness to share that knowledge and expertise. I have spent time with pretty much every member of the team, which has helped me to grow my own skills.

I have received training in various software programmes, including content management and email marketing systems, all of which is highly valuable experience to place on my CV. I got to attend Marketing Week Live and hear some of the biggest names in marketing speak. And I’ve had regular one-to-one sessions with my mentors, which have proved very helpful and shows the value LWS places on the development of its interns.

With some internships you are lucky if you get to do more than make the coffees. But with LWS you are just as likely to be creating the copy or logo that’s printed on the mugs!


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