Natasha Kalbfell (Success Story)

Marketing Assistant – Internship & Trainee

After graduating from Cardiff University in 2013 with a degree in Psychology, I knew that I was very interested in working in marketing world. I was attracted to the Internship Programme at LWS Marketing because I knew that I would be able to experience all aspects of marketing in this busy, growing company. I completed a six-month internship, which began with a supporting role in administration, whilst I got to grips with the day-to-day operations of a marketing agency, and then quickly saw me progress onto client work.

I then completed a six-month Training Contract as a member of the marketing communications team. In this role I enjoyed having more responsibility and ownership of my clients. My ideas were always listened to and my opinion mattered to my colleagues. The best part about training at LWS Marketing was feeling like a valued member of the team.

Throughout my internship and training contract I learnt and developed a whole range of digital marketing skills, such as copywriting, blogging, email marketing and social media, statistical analysis, strategic campaign planning and presenting, as well as gaining knowledge about search engine optimisation.

On completing my internship I was really pleased to be offered a permanent role as Marketing Assistant within the marketing communications team. I was really excited to be able to continue working with such a talented group of people to further extend my knowledge and expertise in marketing and I know that I have found the right career for me!

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