Jacqui Davies (Success Story)

Marketing Assistant – Internship and Trainee

After graduating from Bournemouth University with a degree in Psychology, specialising in consumer psychology of websites, I was excited to see first-hand how my knowledge would be applied in the real world of marketing.

My internship and training with LWS Marketing gave me the opportunity to work as a member of the marketing communications team and alongside the web, design and sales teams and I couldn’t help but learn so much. Over the course of the year I spent with LWS Marketing I was able to improve skills I already possessed and gain new ones, including copywriting, web analytics and campaign planning, as well as becoming proficient in the full range of digital marketing tools - blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimisation and email marketing.

The team at LWS Marketing are so willing to share their expertise and knowledge, and really encouraged me to develop mine. I was given a lot of responsibility and ownership of my work, but was supported throughout by colleagues in the marketing team and the wider team too. I was also encouraged to present and share my ideas and opinions, which helped me to develop my presentation skills and develop as an individual too.

My time at LWS Marketing really helped me to discover where my strengths lie and the sort of career I would like to pursue, that of being a nerdy statistician because I love web analytics. I finished my internship knowing that with the knowledge and experience I have gained with LWS I will soon have that dream job.
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