Debbie Ford

Social Media Specialist

Debbie is our social media guru who lives and breathes engagement. But, before you start imagining wedding bells, here we’re talking about her deep devotion to getting customers more engaged with your brand via sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is one lady who won’t give up until the conversation is well and truly going strong. With a marketing and communications background, Debbie has worked in IT, Change Management and Digital Marketing, with top brands like Dualit, Monica Vinader and Corbin & King.

She is passionate about all things local and can tell you all the best indie places to eat, drink and visit. And outside of work she can often be found by the sea or in the countryside surrounded by other people’s dogs.

Debbie's motto: "There comes a time in every woman’s life when only a glass of champagne will do"
Bette Davis

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