Transcool Systems

Transcool Systems "As an established engineering company with aspirations to increase awareness of our brand, we decided it was time take our business to the next level by working with a professional marketing agency to achieve our business goals.

It was important to us to find a full services marketing agency that met our key specifications. These included having a firm background in dealing with engineering companies (something we found to be rare), being local so that we could meet regularly and develop a strong relationship, and having a wide range of expertise within their team including web, design and digital marketing. LWS Marketing meets all these criteria and so we promptly got in contact.
Our first requirement was to replace our logo, which represented only one aspect of our business and did not communicate to potential clients in other sectors. One our new logo and brand was established, LWS Marketing went on to create a new mobile responsive website and implement a targeted and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to reach and engage both existing and potential clients. These marketing tools are now complemented by a much-needed social media presence, in order to engage and start conversations with potential customers.
Transcool Systems now works in partnership with LWS Marketing to achieve our goals for growth and to drive revenue. I am in frequent contact with our dedicated marketing lead, Caitlin Aldrich-Wincer, to consistently evaluate progress with the campaign and plan future marketing and communications strategy. Together with LWS we are steering our company in the right direction and we can easily adapt and change the approach along the way, because of the strong partnership we have built."

Brad Nicholson, Director of Transcool Systems

Transcool Systems Ltd is an established engineering company based in Littlehampton, West Sussex, offering design, manufacture and installation services and the delivery of quality engineering projects. Visit their website at:


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