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Mexican and American-style restaurant Montagues Tex Mex has catered for Worthing and Sussex diners since 1990. When Montagues’ owners came to LWS it was because they also wanted to serve up an exceptional user experience on their website.

A key ingredient on their shopping list was to make the website responsive, in keeping with today’s mobile commerce trends, which indicates that local restaurant searches are top of the list for mobile browsing:

• Optimising the website for mobile: our technical team rebuilt the website using responsive web design so the user experience is friendly to customers researching the latest offers, menus and other information on their mobiles.

• Spicing up the website and menu designs: our talented designers completely redesigned the graphics for the website and online menus. The fonts, patterns and colours were all in keeping with the flavour of Mexico and the restaurant’s brand. They even added a Mexican character and polaroid-style images to spice up the fun, family feel of the restaurant.

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