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In today’s world customisation is key – something that the embroidered clothing specialists at Kinson Trading understand very well. The ability to personalise any item of clothing is the company’s key selling point. Kinson’s ecommerce website needed to enable customers to customise their clothing with their logos, embroidered wording or printed wording quickly and easily without the need for direct contact with the company for any part of the transaction.

Meetings these stipulations required the LWS technical team to produce three key systems for the ecommerce website:

• A Product Management System - with thousands of products in their range, all offering size, colour and other options, LWS needed to create a system that could manage such an extensive product base.

• An online Client Customisation System – having sold customers on the idea that they can customise their garments in many different ways, the website needed an online system that captures all the custom information that each customer inputs.

• A Complex Pricing Engine – with practically every aspect of the product being ordered customisable, the pricing process was always going to be complex. But that is not what the customer wants to experience. LWS built a pricing engine which continually assess the changes made to the contents of the shopping basket to ensure that the client’s user experience is a seamless one.


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