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Nolan Business Solutions provides innovative software solutions for businesses. When Nolan came to LWS their annual Customer Day was fast approaching and they wanted to promote it to their customers with a 4-drop email marketing campaign.

• Creating the content: after talking to the client we knew what details to include in the email about the Customer Day and which elements they wanted to push. Each email required an approachable, friendly feel to reflect the intended relaxed nature of the Customer Day and promote the benefits of attending, with strong calls-to-action to encourage recipients to book their place. As the campaign progressed the tone of the content built in urgency to encourage remaining customers to book their place.

• Designing the email template: the template incorporated Nolan’s branding and the call-to-action buttons were bold and bright to engage the recipients and encourage them to click on them to book their place and read the event’s agenda.

• Coding into a HTML Template: the design and content was put into a HTML file so Nolan could send the campaign out to whomever and when they needed to.

In a separate campaign, Nolan wanted to promote their ‘eInteract’ software, which consolidates the IT operations for their target audience of IT Resellers. LWS created an email marketing campaign, which involved the preparation of four versions of the email, tailored to each of the four types of target audience within the IT reseller market - Managing Directors, Operations Directors, Financial Directors and Sales Directors.  

• Creating the content: first we discussed the objectives of the email campaign with the client, researched and generated a clear idea of their ‘eInteract’ product. Each version of the email was constructed focussing on the benefits and the typical problems each individual target audience faces e.g. the Financial Director would be interested in how the software would help increase margin. Each email was snappy but effective to engage the different recipients.

• Designing the email template: The emails were based on the same design and imagery as a previous ‘eInteract’ marketing campaign to retain consistency of the product’s brand. Imagery of cogs in the Nolan colours were added to the template to reflect the way that ‘eInteract’ enables multiple systems to work together. Meanwhile the footer image, featuring business people on a starting line, acted as a strong call-to-action for recipients to race to find how ‘eInteract’ could improve their IT reseller business.

• Coding into a HTML Template: The content and the design were coded into a HTML template allowing the client to send the emails as many times as they wish as their target audiences grew.

“LWS went over and above what we were looking for, the emails and banners they provided for us pulled everything together and looked very professional.” said Nolan’s Sales Director Mark Hennessy. 

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