Nineteenth Catering

Nineteenth Catering

Sussex firm, Nineteenth Catering provides catering services for weddings, corporate lunches, golf days, parties and events of all types. Already possessing an established brand, Nineteenth Catering came to LWS for a refresh. The task for LWS was to create an adaptation that would appeal to new audiences by promoting the quality of the service they offer, without alienating their existing audience - evolution rather than revolution.

• Logo redesign – The key to success with this client was simplicity. The logo was stripped back and redesigned into a more standout, recognisable version with a minimalistic feel, which retained and enhanced the brand’s key element of quality catering.

• Image base refresh – In the catering industry images are key - it’s all about making mouths water. Stylised lavish food shots were taken at a photoshoot to obtain enticing imagery to really engage target markets on the website and other marketing materials, such as sophisticated stationery, professional flyers and stunning brochures.

• Website design – With imagery as a key ingredient, on the website required a simplistic design that would allow the images to convey the quality message. To compliment the images further the colours were kept on brand, to convey the sense of class Nineteenth Catering brings to their service.

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