Database, Software & Back Office Systems

Online solutions that save time and increase business value...

Working smarter not harder is one of the keys to growing your business successfully. One way to achieve that is to streamline your operations with a web-based business system.

Bespoke business systems not only improve your overall efficiency but increase the value of your company by providing valuable Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) over the data and intelligence that exists within your organisation and ownership of the system that stores all that vital data - keeping it safely away from competitors and making the company more valuable in the eyes of the market, investors and prospective buyers.

Our specialty is something we call ‘real world web’ – the ability to interpret exactly how your business runs and mapping it onto a sophisticated yet simple-to-use online system that delivers improved efficiency and tangible results.

This specialism comes from our board of directors and investors who between them have spent a combined total of 30 years in the retail sector, at store, district and regional level with household names Sainsbury’s, Homebase and Argos, plus extensive knowledge of the property, IT, insurance and engineering sectors in both the UK and globally.

Their combined experience and knowledge mean they are able to advise on many aspects of business including retail operations, supply chain, pricing, stock control, storage, despatch and margins – ensuring that you have the back office systems that you need to run your business smoothly, efficiently and, most importantly, profitably.


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