How to Spend Your Marketing Budget – What Our Clients Have To Say

July 23, 2023

We recently blogged about the different options available to you when spending your marketing budget. We looked at updating your brand, getting your voice heard on social media, connecting with your customers using email marketing, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and joining the fastest growing retail market in Europe, ecommerce.

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the possibilities, it’s time to see it in action. And who better to hear it from than our very own clients. Meet Brad Nicholson, Director of engineering firm Transcool Systems.

Brad Nicholson, Transcool Systems

“We had very specific branding that did not tell the full story of what Transcool could offer, and therefore this was the first thing we needed to address. In addition, although the website had recently been updated, it did not provide all the functionality and search engine hit rates we had hoped for. Finally, we needed to be relevant in the wider industry, so we needed a social media package to help us gain more interest from outside our traditional contacts.

With LWS we have successfully rebranded the company with a new logo and imagery, redesigned our website, making it mobile-friendly in the process, launched a search engine optimisation campaign, exhibited at our first tradeshow and continually reach out through targeted social and business media. Although these are still early days, we have seen a rise in web traffic and interest in our blogs and LinkedIn postings.”

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