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Where is everyone these days? They’re online.

Having a website and waiting for customers to flock to it is not enough. If your website is the engine that drives your business, digital marketing is the fuel. Digital marketing generates awareness of your brand and business among your target market(s) and directs traffic to your website, which they might otherwise not know existed.

LWS’ Go Digital packages offer businesses the right mix of digital marketing to put into action their marketing strategy and achieve their business goal – be that email marketing campaigns with a dash of social media on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook, consistent blogging, expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

We work with clients in a variety of ways to suit their needs – we can plan, deliver and analyse your digital marketing from end-to-end and simply let you know what we’re doing and the results it’s getting, or we can work alongside your team, or we can simply train them so you can do the lot in-house.

Take a look at some clients' digital marketing campaigns:

Nolan Business Solutions
Rabbit Group


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