Hannah Knott (Success Story)

Social & Search Manager

After completing a number of internships elsewhere I was looking for a role which would really stretch my knowledge and with a real chance of a permanent position. During my initial three month internship I was given the opportunity to look after my own clients, with a structured training plan to help me get what I wanted out of the internship.

I quickly felt like a valued member of the team. Whether you’re an intern or a team member with 30 years’ experience, your ideas and opinions are listened to and taken on-board. How many interns can say they introduced an idea to a company which went on to have a huge positive impact?

I was thrilled when LWS offered me a permanent role. It’s exciting to be part of a company which is continually evolving and growing, with a real opportunity to make an impact.

In my role as Social & Search Manager, I now manage the campaigns for all clients of LWS Marketing’s digital marketing services and have overall day-to-day responsibility for planning and delivering campaign for many of our key clients.

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