Top 4 Methods To End Shopping Cart Abandonment


As online shopping continues to rise, avoiding shopping cart abandonment (when shoppers place items in their online shopping carts but the leave the site before completing the purchase) is the bane of e-retailer’s lives across the UK.

Whilst an abandoned shopping cart does not always mean a lost sale, with BI Intelligence reporting that three quarters of shoppers say they plan to return to the retailer’s website to complete the purchase, there are ways to increase the chances of bagging that sale the first time round.

Guest Checkout 

One in three consumers say that they regularly leave the shopping cart because of the arduous task of having to create an account. The solution to this is to offer a guest account or ask customers to create an account after they’ve completed their purchase.

Payment Options 

Make it as simple as possible for the customer to purchase from your site. Offer them the most popular payment options to choose from, including credit/debit card, gift card and PayPal.

Free Delivery 

Ears will always prick up at the word ‘Free’, whether you offer free delivery or free delivery when spending over a certain amount, this is a sure-fire way to reel in consumers and turn temptation into a real-time sale.

Save For Later 

We know that customers use a number of different devices for browsing online, often choosing to browse on a mobile device to then complete the purchase once at home on a desktop computer. The option to ‘save an item for later’ means that the sale is not lost and that the process of completing their purchase is much simpler and, therefore, more likely to happen.

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