Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Emails Out of the Junk Folder

Junk Mail Image There’s nothing worse than slaving away to create an awesome email marketing campaign for nobody to see it because it ends up straight in the junk folder.

These tips will cover the key things you must do to get your emails through the dreaded spam folders and in front of your customers.

Keep your lists clean

Before we get started on the email campaign take a look at your list. How have you gathered those contacts in your email database? Your list should be composed of email addresses you have gathered either through data collection from onsite content or offline marketing or from your customer base. If you want your email marketing campaigns to be a success then you should never buy email lists, the names on these lists will more often than not be completely uninterested in what you have to say – so why waste time and money?

Don’t bulk send your campaigns

Once you have a clean email list, you’ll need to ensure the list is properly segmented. By segmenting your lists into different customer or prospect groups you can ensure you’re never sending emails out to a huge database – something which spam filters are on the lookout for. Segmenting your email lists also means you are able to personalise your email marketing messages and create more targeted, successful campaigns.

If you do have to send a campaign out to a large group of recipients then your email marketing service (EMS) should be provide the option to send out to your list in batches, staggering the amount you’re sending out and avoiding setting off any spam filters.

Watch your language

Spam filters will scan through your entire email, so the language you use within your content will play an important role in ensuring your campaign gets read. When writing your content there are certain words and phrases you should always avoid using, such as ‘prize’, ‘free’, ‘buy’, ‘click here’ and ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’. You should also avoid using capitals where you can, at the most use them for one word within a sentence, exclamation marks shouldn’t be overused either, you just need one – and using either of these in your email subject line is a big no, no.

Avoid dirty tricks

Trying to out-smart spam filters by using dirty tricks rarely works and is generally annoying for the recipient if they do get through. Using deceptive subject lines is the first of these dirty tricks. Trying to trick spam filters by using ‘Re:’ or ‘Fwd:’ in email subject lines is not only frowned upon, it’s deceiving for the recipient, who will not be left with a great impression of your company. In the same vein using misleading claims, such as telling people they have won a prize will also trigger spam filters and annoy the end user.

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