Is Using Multiple Agencies Hurting Your Brand?

Outsourcing your digital marketing provides a number of benefits to your business, but is it better to stick to one service provider who can give you everything you need, or employ multiple agencies to support different channels? Well using multiple agencies for different channels can mean decreased consistency, communication and speed.

Lack of consistency

For a brand to be remembered it needs to be consistent. However it can be very difficult to maintain consistency when you have multiple agencies handling your digital marketing. Whilst the strength of many agencies is their creative flair, it can also be their downfall in a multi-agency situation. Agencies can feel like they are in competition with the others to impress the client and for that reason might come up with super creative ideas that look great, but actually deviate from the plan and may not be the best way to achieve the goals. Agencies need to all be using the same messaging, voice, tone, typefaces, colours and logos, as well as keeping within the parameters of the plan and the goals. These things are often easier to coordinate under one roof (metaphorically speaking.)

Communication between agencies

To maintain digital consistency, good communication is essential, but when multiple agencies are involved they often fail to communicate with each other well. However this is not always as plain sailing as you would hope. Some agencies can become proud and protective of their work, and therefore can be reluctant to share it with other agencies, worrying that they somehow use it to their own advantage to gain extra credit with you, the client. Other agencies are so focussed on what they’re doing and their specific targets that they can forget to look at the bigger picture and ensure it fits in with the other agency work. Others can simply think that their ideas are better than the rest and therefore all communications break down because they won’t agree with the other agencies. At the end of the day you have outsourced your digital marketing so that professionals can take it off your hands leaving you to focus on your business whilst knowing that they are doing a good job. If you have to get involved as a middle man between the agencies, then this is going to take away your valuable time from your business. Choosing an agency that can provide all the digital marketing service you require will help to eliminate these communication issues.

Slower Pace

Many aspects of digital marketing involve updates being made to the website. This is very easy to achieve quickly when the website is hosted, maintained and updated by the same company that markets it digitally, however updates can be delayed when separate agencies are involved. You would have to allow time for communication, misunderstanding, and busy workloads of website administrators. For more time sensitive updates, using one agency for web and marketing wins out.

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