How To Make Your Commercial Property Website The Ultimate Business Tool


The commercial property industry in the UK is booming and it has never been more important to have a strategic marketing plan that features your website as one of your key marketing tools.

There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Your SEO and digital marketing campaigns have worked to bring potential customers to your website, but now it’s your website’s turn to work hard by keeping them there and persuading them to purchase or contact you for more information.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Good quality photos are of the upmost importance for a commercial property website. Prospective buyers turn to online property sites to gain an initial insight into the kinds of properties on the market that may suit their needs. A property listing with a gallery of professionally-shot photos is much more likely to spark interest and encourage a client to pick up the phone than a listing with a poor quality image or worse, no images at all.

Information is key

Each property listing should have vital information presented in an easy-to-digest format. Key points such as the property description, location and costings should be clearly listed so that a customer can obtain this key information as quickly as possible.

A ‘download’ option, allowing the user to download a PDF with the full property listing details, is another great way to get a potential customer to gain further insight into a property of interest to them and continues the property selection process long after leaving your website.

Share, share, share

Every property listing should have the option to ‘share’. By allowing, and prompting, the visitor to share the listing either via social media or email you are able to reach a much wider network of potential customers, especially if the person visiting your website is looking for property on behalf of or with others.

A face to a name

Add a personal touch to the contact process by having a picture of the agent dealing with the property next to the contact details. Humanising the enquiry process instils an element of trust in the customer, improving the chance of a sale.

Transform your website into the powerful business tool it has the potential to be by contacting LWS Marketing on 01903 790 100 or via

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