Who Should You Be Following On Twitter

Twitter_imageDespite Twitter being an essential B2B digital marketing tool, many B2B business owners are sceptical about the benefits of Twitter for their business. Whilst they are often adamant that their customers are not on this platform, it might surprise them to know that 72% of followers are more likely to buy something from a business they follow.

Twitter is a viable business tool but only if you are using it to target the right users. To do this you need to be building up your twitter profile to be both active and influential in your industry. One way to increase the strength of your twitter account is to start following accounts on Twitter – but who should you be following to get the most out of this marketing tool? Here are five types of accounts to put your focus towards:

  1. Follow analysts and influencers in your market – these are the accounts that represent industry leaders in your field. This will help you to keep up-to-date with latest trends and learn what content you should be posting to stay current and relevant. Online tools such as Followerwonk can help you to identify who the influencers are.
  2. Customers – following some of your favourite and most important customers will make them feel valued and shows your support for them. It will also indicate to other businesses that you are a company who spends time looking after their customers, and this could be an influential factor for potential customers in the buying process.
  3. Followers of related hashtags – searching for hashtags related to your industry or topics that you are currently talking about will help you to find others that are discussing the same topics as you. These are the accounts that you want to be engaging in conversation with if you want to increase the visibility of your brand and increase your reputation as an industry expert. Following their accounts is the first step towards this.
  4. Follow back – A ‘follow back’ is when you simply return the favour of following an account that has recently followed you. It is important to only follow back accounts that are going to be beneficial to be associated with, otherwise you will be clogging up your news feed with irrelevant posts. Some of the key ways to single out those that you should be following back include, a sincere profile picture, an informative bio and regular updates that are both interesting and relevant.
  5. Competitors – Twitter can be a great way to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to in order to make sure you stay one step ahead. Following your competitor’s Twitter accounts will enable you to see their latest updates and interactions.

Invest in a digital marketing partner and ensure that you are reaching the right Twitter audience for your business by contacting the experts at LWS Marketing on 01903 790100 or via info@lwsmarketing.co.uk


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