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How Everyone Can Act as an Influencer by Using Twitter’s #FollowFriday

How do certain trends become popular when there is so much variety in social media? You can argue that they tap into societies psyche and fulfil a societal need, they have to be appealing, cross generational and cross cultural. So does the trend #FollowFriday show that we as a society want to act as influencers, and how can businesses harness this desire?

#FollowFriday was developed on Twitter allowing social media users to recommend other twitter users. In short it’s a recommendation in 140 characters. By tweeting customers you can help build a strong client relationship, they may even tweet you back and recommend you to their followers. It can act as a mini testimonial and its importance is not to be underestimated, for example if someone mentions you in a tweet, retweet and reply, to increase its reach. Encourage customers to tweet you if they have had a good experience with your services.


A simple 30 second tweet using this hashtag not only connects businesses to customers, but also business to business. In the past you would attend a networking event to introduce your business to others but with the rise of social media you can do it sat behind your desk. Although it’s not quite as personal, the ability to network online can provide a higher number of introductions than building those connections up face-to-face. By using this hashtag and tagging businesses you work with, you can create you own business network.

We all like to be heard, which is why social media is so popular. It allows everyone to be an influencer when before only very few had the power. #FollowFriday taps into this, so why not give it a try and see who it connects you with and build up your online networking. For instance if you’re a catering company why not tag a venue you work with? Or if you’re a cosmetics company a spa that you supply to?

In this modern age where time is a precious commodity the ability to network, build business relationships and connect with potential customers with a single tweet can be a real timesaver. Why not speak to LWS’s Social Media team on 01903 790 100, on the best way to use trends such as this to help your business go for growth.

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