To Blog or Not?

You’ve probably seen the word Blog many times and may have wondered what this latest buzzword actually means.
You can’t open a magazine without reading about someone’s Blog and why you should visit it to find out what’s going on in their world. But where business is concerned is there any value in having a business Blog? The answer is a definite yes. Virtually every blue-chip company in the UK has cottoned onto the value of Blogging, with many SMEs now following suit. In today’s challenging climate, reaching out to more potential clients and keeping existing clients close to you is vital. A Blog is a simple and cost-effective way for you to do this. Add it to your existing marketing communications, and your sales could rise, and the cost is simply your time. Once your Blog is set up and you know how to use it, you should benefit from increased traffic to your website and a higher ranking in the search engines.
So what can you use a Blog for? It’s a great way to communicate regular casual news about your business, together with your thoughts and opinions on your industry or sector in general. Make your regular blog postings interesting and relevant and you can soon build a reputation as being a leader in your field, a person to watch out for and a business to take notice of!

Claire Love-Jones is the Managing Director or Local Web Solutions and LWS Creative. Contact her on 01903 785568 or via to find out more about Blogging for beginners. LWS can get you started with a fantastic Blog, and some really useful training on how to become a brilliant business blogger! Take a look at our blog on our website and

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