Nine DIY Social Media No-Nos

SocialMediaNoNosWith over 2.3 billion people active on social media it is a key channel for businesses to reach their target audience and their customers through. 93% of the buying decisions of online shoppers is dependent on social media, so when used correctly it can have a positive impact on your business. However, when used in gung-ho, splatter-gun approach without any real plan or purpose, it won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

If you’re dabbling in social media yourself, how many of these DIY social media no-no’s are you committing?

Not following a plan

If social media is at the bottom of your list of things to do and you’re just sending out a random post or tweet whenever you have got time, not following a plan could actually be hurting your business. Not following a plan can cause you to duplicate work, send out mixed messages, overspend, and fall behind your competitors. Be smart, create a plan to get the most out of your time and money.

Posting at random times

If you want your posts to reach as many people as possible, then timing is everything. You shouldn’t be guessing the best times to post that all-important post you spent hours cleverly crafting, there are tools available to show you when your audience are active on social media. Try using Facebook’s own insights, or Followerwonk for Twitter and save that awesome post from falling flat.

Concentrating on follower quantity not quality

Whilst having a large amount of followers might make you look good on the surface, unless they are high quality followers that are likely to be engaged with your brand or be interested in your products and services, then you will not gain anything. Following the right people can help you to gain higher quality followers back.

Using every channel for the sake of it

It is not a one-size fits all situation. Not all of your target audience will be active on all social media platforms. One platform might be more fruitful for your industry than another. Posting on every platform for the sake of it may be a waste of time and not get you as much exposure as you hoped – work out where your target audience is and use those platforms.

Defensive responses

More and more people are using social media as an avenue for customer service. Along with this can come complaints, and whilst it might be natural to try and defend your business, you need to remember that you are in the public eye and you need to be professional – remember the customer is always right. Take it offline and direct the person to an email address where they can provide more details of the problem and you can deal with the complaint out of the spotlight.

Only posting about yourself

Obviously it is important to get your brand message out there on social media, but if you are only ever blowing your own trumpet then your followers are going to get bored of your posts very quickly. Make sure to post about current and interesting content going on in your industry which will be both useful and interesting for your followers.

Too many hashtags

Hashtags are great for getting involved with the trends on Twitter, but overusing hashtags can actually cause a decrease in engagement on your posts. In fact there is a 21% difference in engagement between tweets with 1-2 hashtags and tweets with 3 or more hashtags. Make sure you’re not over doing it.

Excessive posting

Whilst you want to keep up your brand visibility online and get your message out there, you don’t want to annoy or bore your followers by posting too often. And the optimum amount of posts are different for each social media platform. Be sure to research how often you should be posting and stick to it.

Not engaging in conversations

It’s called social media for a reason, and for you to be social you have to interact with other users. Not engaging in conversations can lead to your business appearing antisocial and unapproachable. So share others posts, comment on posts that you like, join in conversations where you can provide some useful insight and get involved whenever you can.

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