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3 Reasons Why Instagram’s New Video Posting is So Now

Instagram’s announcement yesterday (20/06/13) that users can now post 15 second videos, cements 2013 as the year of the visual.

Now, more than ever, people would rather post a picture – or a video clip than say it with words. So what makes Instagram’s video posting so powerful?

Easy-to-engage with content
Vine, Keek, Snapchat and old favourite YouTube – all sites with video applications and all at the forefront of social media. Human beings react to other people’s facial expressions because they are indicators to their emotions, whereas messages, texts and photos can be misinterpreted. Skype is popular as a communication tool for exactly that reason. Video leaves little room for misinterpreting someone’s meaning and makes us feel more engaged with the person who posted the content. It’s not surprising then that Facebook, the owner’s of Instagram, have allowed users to post videos, rivalling Twitter’s Vine app, as more and more video sites pop up.

Rose-tinted glasses
Favoured more by women than men, Instagram is appealing as it allows you to edit your photos using filter effects, appealing to people’s artistic streaks. Users post photos of everything from sunsets to their dinner, which is why last night prompted many jokes on the internet along the lines of, “Instagram now has video? Great we can now watch your dinner too!” Yes, you can. But jokes aside, that Instagram dinner video will be better than any posted on the other video sites because you can edit the clip, just like you can with their photos – all of which means Instagram retains its USP of enabling users to get creative with their filters.

The new video sharing ability opens up opportunities for businesses to utilise this dynamic tool and engage with their customers. Businesses are already using it to post videos of their offices, providing the personal touch. For example, online retailer ASOS started posting video content of their clothing almost immediately on Instagram showing just how appealing video for advertising can be.

Why not speak to our team on how video as a tool can be integrated into your communication’s plan on 01903 790 100.

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