Grabbing that .co domain – To buy or not to buy

Due to the recent launch of the new .co domain, many of our clients have contacted us for our opinion on whether or not it is necessary to purchase a .co domain for their website.
Originally when we were first being asked .co was a domain of Columbia and it seemed that there was no real reason to buy the domain just because you may have had an email from a registrar telling you to do so.

Currently a .co domain offers no major advantage over a or .com. These domains are so dominant within popular search engines such as Google that we must ask the question whether a .co is ever going to beat a to the top of a UK web search?? Probably not.

But, .co. is now an internationally recognised TLD, top level domain. And while it may not be as well recognised as .com .net .org it may well be one day. So, protecting your web domain [Your Name Here].co if you own a business may well be prudent. The big boys have certainly done it.

Many suggest that .co has the potential to become a major TLD. Considering what the ‘co’ could stand for – Company, Corporation, Commerce to name a few.

You could secure the domain and then redirect it to your site. That’s cost effective and simple to do. Ask yourself if someone else would feel the need to secure the .co of your address, and if so you should grab it before they do. The worst thing you want is someone getting the .co version of your .com or domain name and mopping up all the visitors who do not complete the address in the browser.

If you have decided to go for it and purchase the .co namesake of your current site just give us a call on 01903 790 100 and we’ll secure it and redirect it to your site.

Whatever you do, do not overpay for your .co, or get caught by a convincing email suggesting that you secure all sorts of domain names including .sg .biz etc etc….

Your thoughts, as always are appreciated….

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