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7 Steps to a Fantastic Facebook Business Page

Facebook has over 700 million users and is the first thing most people check when they wake up and the last thing people do before they go to sleep. With so many regular users it’s impossible for businesses to ignore social networks, yet many find setting up their Facebook page a daunting task. So here are our handy tips to get your business page up and running;

1) Set up individual business accounts
Here at LWS we suggest this for you and anyone else who will be managing your Facebook page do. These should be the accounts that your employees use to access the business page. This means that;
• It’ll be easier to add people as Facebook admins (people who manage a page) to the page – privacy settings on personal accounts often mean you can’t find certain users
• Employees won’t be tempted to use personal accounts at work.

2) Keep your Facebook page on brand
Use your company logo for your profile picture, your strapline or latest offers for your cover photo.

3) Decide who is in charge of what
To ensure clarity on your Facebook business page assign admin roles, which are classified by Facebook as Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.

4) Invite people to “Like”
Invite friends, family, and customers to “like” your page. With friends and family you can send an email through Facebook, with customers the best way is to post on other social media sites or in an email newsletter with a push towards the page.

5) Link to your website
Don’t forget to add a link to your website too. This will help direct people towards your site, acting as a referral tool. This data can then be analysed allowing you to see what Return On Investment your social media can offer.

6) Decide your brand’s tone
Are you cheeky? Serious? Informative? Friendly? Whatever message you are trying to get across make sure it reflects your business tone. Your content must sound the same across the board, whether it be your website, telephone, email, or your Facebook, it must remain within your brand’s tone.

7) Start posting!
Remember Facebook is a way to reach a very wide audience quickly and easily, so make sure you utilise its potential. Post regular content to keep it up-to-date.

Want to know more about maximising business growth through social media? Call our social media team now on 01903 790100. Or comment on this Blog!
In our next blog we will discuss the ways in which your Facebook business page can be used to build engagement with your customers and respond to customer service queries.

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