Brand Consistency – key to building a strong brand

BrandConsistencyBuilding a strong brand has powerful returns for the growth of your business. However, to build a strong brand you have to consistently project your business identity and values across multiple platforms, such as different digital devices (desktop, tablets and mobiles) and social media profiles, even your print work, documents and press releases.

11 Ways Customers View Your Brand 2

Optimising your brand and making it consistent across multiple platforms

“74% of consumers remember an ad when viewed across several media platforms”

Marketing on multiple platforms substantially increases customers’ ability to remember your company and its marketing content. Therefore your branding design and marketing has to paint the right impression of your brand on every platform.

Step 1: Have a strong brand design: the design of your branding, logo and slogan should reflect your profession, company message and differentiate you in the market.

Step 2: Make your website responsive: implementing responsive web design to your website means your website will adapt to the digital device the customer is using, making your brand look great on desktop, tablets or mobiles.

Step 3: Create marketing content for different medias: to get the most out of each media platform e.g. social media, email marketing, blogging, they require you to tailor different size images and tones of voices. For instance, most brands use Facebook to connect with their audience on a friendly level. Make sure your content and design (e.g. profile images) is consistent and reflects your brand’s identity across all medias for your target audience. This will have a huge effect on how customers view your brand.

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